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Reddo is a cleantech company in water damage restoration

Reddo develops scalable and patented innovations for new effective solutions and products aimed at drying and restoring water damages. Increased re-use of material leads to 70-95% lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to established methods


Reddo’s solutions are used by certified contractors that handle water damages for our principal customers. Our certified contractors are large and small water damage restoration companies and the principals are insurance companies and larger property owners.

Standardizing for quality

Water damage is currently the most costly type of property damage in Sweden, costing approximately SEK 12 billion per year, and the cost increases every year. Reddo’s standardized methods and products ensures quality in both drying and restoring. By changing the approach to water damage handling and using Reddo’s portfolio of solutions to Drying First™, sustainable water damage management is within reach.

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New methods and tools for drying results in 70-95% lower carbon dioxide load, through increased re-use of materials, and our efficient dehumidifiers contribute with 25-60% energy savings depending on the area of use.


Lead time reductions and lower complexity due to smaller and simpler restorations in the property as well as fewer contractors involved. This in turn leads to more efficient handling of claims and shorter time for open claims.

customer satisfaction

End customers experience shorter and simpler damage restoration period, as they avoid demolition and get less dust, odor and noise problems, can use a large part of their space during the process, and avoid age deductions on material. In addition, customers may get lower premiums over time as the claims cost goes down.

Cost savings

Very large cost savings – and no investment needed from the insurance and real estate companies. Interruption costs will also decrease while giving improved efficiency in claims handling.

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